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The LJ Home of the Rotten Apple Gang

Just a group of Rotten writers.

The LJ Home of RAGS
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Just a group of Rotten writers. =P
We are the Rotten Apple Gang and this is our sauce.~

Original layout by milou_veronica
Made Rotten by lynxland
april's filthy mind, ben needs a leash, brenda's wrestling cats, carthtoons, cats, cbr, coffee, eating, emmett's scary 'fridge, eric's gluttony, ferrets, francis' garlic sauce, gail simone, ham, hellz yeah!, horses, insomnia, italian, jim kickin' ass, lattes, lebians, mermaids, mma, nawlins, philly, pink hair, puppies, red bell, sarcasm, shelly's snarcasm, sleeping, snark, steph h.'s boobage, steph i. loves "u", tacklehugs, terry's acrobatic cats, tiffany "new york" pollard, tiny six, trashy reality shows, ufc, vh1, video games, writing, wwe, yabs, your face